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Here at Building Behaviors Counseling Services, we provide our clients with professional services related to their issues at hand. With over 35 years of expertise in mental health, we ensure quality work to help educate and lead clients to a healthy happier life. 

Our Services

We make sure that our clients not only get great counseling, but as well as therapy and education to help them on their mental health journey.


We provide cognitive-behavioral therapy for clients experiencing depression, anxiety, ADHD, bullying, and MORE.


Building Behaviors Counseling Services, LLC offers parenting classes, life skills training and in-service training to organizations in the community.

Community Advocacy

Building Behaviors Counseling is so committed to breaking the stigma in our community on the coast, we are always looking for ways to support our community and start a conversation about mental health.

Our work

We ensure our clients that we will provide the right information for them to overcome their obstacles.


"I don't know where my life would have been if it wasn't for Building Behaviors Counseling Services. This company help me find my vision and take back my confidence..."
Gulfport, MS
"Being in the hospital for over two years from chronic illness took a major toll on my physical and most notably my mental health. I thank you so much for the thorough plan you implemented to help me gain back control of my life..."
Biloxi, MS

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