Rediscover Your Well-Being

Happiness and well-being are within the grasps of those who seek it and are willing to Build the Behaviors to achieve this goal. 

At Building Behaviors Counseling Services, LLC we focus on engaging, empowering and advocating for clients through a holistic approach. We are dedicated to providing high-quality mental health services that support an individual’s ability to thrive and benefit in day to day life.



Building Behaviors Counseling Services, LLC provides psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults. Our Therapists specialize in individual counseling, family support, risk assessments and behavior consultations.


Our vision is to break the stigma of mental health through the use of treatment modalities that are responsive to the individual, cultural, and demographic diversity of our community.


With over thirty-five years of combined experience, our mental health therapists are dedicated to helping individuals develop the tools and skills necessary to live a balanced life.

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